Sun Zhongshan birthday 150 anniversary series held in Fujian

father Mr. Sun Zhongshan 150 years commemorative activities held in Fujian, as a pioneer of Chinese revolution, Mr. Sun Zhongshan made a great contribution to the development of Chinese and outstanding society, his deeds has been widely spread for the people.

this year coincided with the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan and the 1911 Revolution in, Fujian held a number of activities. 19, jointly organized by the Revolutionary Committee of the Fujian provincial Party committee, Fujian province Yixian gallery to commemorate the 150 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan painting pen held in Fuzhou Zhongshan Memorial hall.

in the 1911 Revolution, Fujian Overseas Chinese people, not only to donate money, but also to join the revolution, become the main force of the revolution of 1911. After the Wuchang uprising, the Fujian revolutionary party quickly responded, in November 7, 1911, in Jinjiang, Anhai started the first shot of the 1911 Revolution in Fujian.

day, well-known painter Chen Zhaoyu, Changping and many other artists in the ink Danqing media, creative calligraphy and paintings, to commemorate Sun Zhongshan, carry forward the patriotic, revolutionary and progressive spirit.

days ago, Fujian province CPPCC history and learning committee, the Revolutionary Committee of the Fujian provincial Party committee and Fujian Provincial Archives Bureau jointly compiled the "1911 Revolution" at the Fujian premiere held in Fuzhou. The map in history with text, to Syria history, the revolution brewing, occurrence and development of the time line, the scattered buried precious figure in the dust of history as one together, constitute a relatively complete illustration of the history of the 1911 Revolution in Fujian.

of Xiamen University history professor Huang Shunli evaluation of the book is "the revolution of Fujian Yingjie map" after another masterpiece, especially rare is the book 10% files and photos are published for the first time.

19 day, by the Fuzhou Lin Zexu Memorial Hall hosted the "left Sea Forum" to invite Professor of History Department of Fujian Normal University, Fujian Province, Sun Zhongshan of vice president Chen Xiaohua Sun Zhongshan’s visit to lecture in the first year of fujian". Back in 1912 Chen Xiaohua Sun Zhongshan’s trip to Fujian, Huanghuagang martyrs condolences to the Mawei dockyard naval expansion and encourage, encourage people to complete the unaccomplished intention of fujian.

day, all walks of life have to be located in Fuzhou city of Zhongshan Road Zhongshan memorial hall to the statue of Sun Zhongshan. Fujian province Sun Zhongshan Research Symposium held to commemorate the day before, Fujian province Sun Zhongshan of Fujian provincial Revolutionary Committee members, Council member, Fujian democratic revolutionaries descendants representatives attended.

"all the Chinese people should inherit the Sun Zhongshan legacy, the spirit of Zhongshan incentives, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the China dream." Fujian provincial Revolutionary Committee, full-time vice chairman and Secretary General Dong Lianghan said.

The "three principles of nationality, civil rights and people’s livelihood" put forward by Mr. Sun Zhongshan

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