Deputy director of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, Shen Sen to i

Deputy director general of bureau deputy party secretary, Shen Sen accompanied by staff of the office of the West Branch, to inspect and guide the "clear the backlog, new interview with" special work


Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of

and deputy party secretary Shen Sen accompanied by staff of the office of the West Branch, to inspect and guide the "clear the backlog, new interview with" special work.

In the

branch, deputy director Shen Sen to the West Branch of Party Committee on the implementation of Council ministries, "clear the backlog, the new interview work conference activities and implement the spirit of the 15 ministries, the Council arranged petition handling of the case report, and the 15 petition cases are analyzed one by one of the measures, and in case to successfully complete with the leaders discussed.

in listening to the reports and exchange forum, deputy director Shen Sen pointed out: "clear the backlog, the new Council visit" special work plan has been carried out, the West Branch of the Party attaches great importance to adhere to the major leaders personally research, personally deploy, personally led handle many pending petition successfully completed, part of the pending petition has the rare condition of making that effect is obvious, urban party this fully affirmed. However, there are also some pending petition for lack of conditions, the petitioner has repeatedly mood, does not stop making possible, completely settles difficult, the smooth realization of direct impact on the end of their goal. In this regard, the West Branch to further strengthen efforts to take targeted measures, in line with the first easy, one by one, tackling key ideas, improve the efficiency of work, to ensure the smooth realization of the objectives. is to have overall awareness, sense of stability, at the end of the year and the provinces and cities "NPC and CPPCC" held early, to find ways to do with the petitioner’s stability control, on the one hand to prevent the occurrence of Beijing, on the one hand to prevent the occurrence of repeated petition and leapfrog petition problems. two is leading to attention, especially leaders should pay attention to the petition work, implement the leadership reception system, implement the case of leadership responsibility, actively resolve the new petition contradictions, for the Party committee and government burden. three is the change of ideas, relaxed ideas, expand horizons, to resolve the difficult problem of the petition, petition to communicate with people, to reach a consensus or understanding, truly "case, the rest sues visits, the satisfaction of the masses. four is to actively seek the government’s concern and support, a variety of channels to carry out the work and help the parties to resolve the low, health care and other living difficulties, eliminate the menace from the rear of the petitioner, won the understanding and understanding.

finally, Shen Sen also deputy director of the scene to see the West Branch of warning education base and "two car" management of infrastructure construction, encourage Bureau in the establishment of long-term mechanism, strengthen management efforts, to ensure that the work of two solid achievements.






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