Large merchants and large enterprises to help out the Western Conference

Xining’s new development needs to attract more investment vision. With the Hongkong real estate industry the latest international information, covering many areas of real estate development, investment, marketing planning, sales agents and other diversified enterprises — Hongkong real investment group; introduction of Darunfa supermarket and will soon be officially settled in Xining Jiangsu Albert group has come……

"not to invite the government delegation, for investors, business oriented, face-to-face promotion of city planning and construction projects, industrial chain extension and supporting industry, service industry development project." The Xining city development and investment fair, the municipal government for enterprises to build investment platform sincere willingness and intention, make local enterprises excited, also let the news that foreign enterprises is full of curiosity. This will lead the enterprise and the original intention of the scale, the grade is let me host unit unexpected.

list of important customers dizzying

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