Huangyuan to promote lighting work

2012, Huangyuan lighting lighting work according to focus, to promote the node to create highlights, reflect the characteristics of "the requirements to" energy saving, environmental protection features, the principle of "in" a new king, and color "efforts, through new construction, rectification, maintenance etc. steadily lighting lighting work. To further improve the city grade.

first half of the year, Huangyuan county will work with lighting lighting grinding Forest Wetland Park, the Arctic mountain scenic park, the ancient city of Huangyuan in two, Dan Inn, outdoor landscape and other key construction projects, combined with synchronous design, construction, acceptance and delivery. Taking into account the overall layout of the county, to promote landmark buildings, public facilities, the main tourist attractions as the focus of the lighting project. Completed an investment of 5 million 80 thousand yuan, the construction of City Road, East Road, East Street, North Street, Tibet Road, Dan Junggar phase two street 20 building lighting building, 286 street lamps on Main Street for maintenance and replacement. At the same time, focus on promoting the construction of new rural areas, to further improve the rural lifestyle, invested 310 thousand yuan, focusing on the implementation of the Ba Yan Xiang Ba Yan, Xia Si, Ba Yan Xia 3 Village lighting lighting project, for each village to install solar photovoltaic lighting lamp more than and 50, the implementation of the project to further improve the living conditions of the village people, travel more convenient. (author: Luo Hongmei)



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