Crazy evening in Novi Sad – Hungary ends French domination

← Previous Story Serbian goalkeeper Darko Stanic is the best player of Pr. Round 2 Next Story → Group D – Only Croatia 100% – Norway goes home! Fantastic night for the Handball fans from Hungary and Spain, also for the others from Group D, who thought that France could be the biggest rival for the semifinals. France will start Main Round at the EHF EURO 2012 without points. Tonight, Hungarian defense in the second half destroys French attack. On the end – 26:23 (12:14). STATISTICS  with fantastic Fazekas, who saved 21 balls.In the second match, Spain has solid rival in Russia 30:27 (17:11) STATISTICSSTANDINGS:Spain 5Hungary 4France 2Russia 1 read more

Denmark in fifth pot for Olympics Wilbek in shock Something is wrong

← Previous Story “Lions” goes to “Zebras”, Storm: “Even in Kiel, we have chances to win “ Next Story → Slovenia (Round 20): Cimos Koper lost Championship race! OlympcOlympic Handball TournamentUlrik Wilibek International Handball Federation announced the pots for the upcoming draw for the Olympic Games in London. Despite Denmark’s status as European Champion, vice-world champion and number one on the EHF’s ranking is Ulrik Wilbek’s troops in the fifth seeding layer, when the weekend of 2nd – 3rd June draw lots for the two groups of six teams that will compete for Olympic medals.– We wonder of course that we have ended up in fifth seeding layer. It may end up with some unreasonable groups, where Great Britain and two non-European teams can come in pujle together while it may end up with five European teams in the other. There simply must be something wrong, says Ulrik Wilbek to 1: France and Group winner (Spain, Serbia, Spain and Algeria)Pot 2: Group winners from Sweden and CroatiaPot 3: Second from Group 1 (Spain) and Group 2 (Sweden)Pot 4: Second from Group 3 (Croatia) and Great BritainPot 5: Denmark and ArgentinaPot 6: Korea and TunisiaTwelwe teams in two groups will fight for the 1/4 Final at the Olympic Handball Tournament. read more

Despite 15 years of Larvik HK domination Byasen still the best Norwegian

ByasenLarvik HKNorwegian handball time-table 4Bækkelaget6647891,19 Larvik HK celebrates 15 championship title in Norway these days and preparing for crucial battles in the Women’s EHF Champions League against Krim Mercator in semi-final. Despite great series in Norwegian handball and absolut domination, EHF CL winner 2011 isn’t the most successful Norwegian team in the history. That is their closest rival, Byasen with 66 points more. Larvik is now second ahead of Nordstrand.“ALL TIME TABLE” (Matches – points – points per match) 3Nordstrand8278911,08 2Larvik5298911,68 1Byåsen6619571,45 5Gjerpen6167031,14 ← Previous Story Oltchim celebrates 19th Romanian title Next Story → Juanin Garcia scores 2000 goals in ASOBAL! read more

Furious finish for Szeged 4 before trip to Kiel

← Previous Story EHF CL: Favorites win in Zaporozhye and Zagreb Next Story → EHF CL TOP 16 BEST 7: Balkan guys, Uwe, buzzer-beater guy and Jurecki THW Kiel: Landin (1.-60., 10/2 saves), Katsigiannis (n.e.); Duvnjak (4), Jansen (n.e.), Ferreira (n.e.), Mamelund, Sprenger (n.e.), Dissinger (3), Ekberg (3), Anic, Canellas (6), Dahmke, Jaanimaa, Klein (2), Brozovic (5), Vujin (6/2); Pick SzegedTHW Kiel PICK Szeged made a nice advantage for the second part of the EHF Champions League TOP 16 clash by beating THW Kiel 33:29 in front of 3.200 home fans. Pastor’s boys made a crucial 4:0 series in the last few minutes of the match, which was decisive for a victory, which gives hope that EHF CL TOP 8 is still realistic goal before away match at Sparkasse Arena on Wednesday.The Man of the Match was Spanish goalkeeper Sierra with 19 saves.PICK SZEGED: Sierra Mendez (1.-60., 19 saves), Wyszomirski (n.e.); Mindegia Elizaga (1), Källmann (1), Garcia Robledo (4), Dos Santos, Ilyes, Balogh (4), Blazevic, Prodanovic (3), Hegedüs, Bombac (4/3), Garcia Parrondo (4), Curuvija, Vranjes (6), Ancsin (6); read more

Michaella coaccused to plead guilty reports

first_imgTHE SCOTTISH WOMAN who along with Dungannon woman Michaella McCollum Connolly was charged with trying to smuggle cocaine out of Peru will plead guilty in order to get a reduced sentence, according to Britain’s Mail on Sunday.Melissa Reid, from Glasgow, was arrested with Connolly, of Dungannon in Northern Ireland, last month after being caught allegedly attempting to sneak out a total of 11 kilos of the drug.Reid, 20, maintains that gangsters had forced her to carry the drugs, but told the newspaper she would be pleading guilty.“I am really scared about what I am about to do but I am also relieved that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.“I’m now coming to terms with the fact I am so far away from my family. This is real.“After a lot of thought and advice from my lawyer I am going to go in front of the judge and admit I was in possession of the drugs and that I went to Peru to pick up drugs to take to Spain — I am willing to plead guilty to that.”But she insisted that she acted “under duress”.If convicted the women face between eight to 15 years in jail.According to the newspaper, the guilty plea could see Reid’s sentence cut to six years and eight months.© AFP, 2013Read: Michaella is “in good spirits, but very frightened for the future” – solicitorlast_img read more

RTÉ proposes modest increase in public funding over next five years

first_imgWe have implemented severe cutbacks across RTÉ including reductions in pay. We have reduced our staffing levels by 20 over cent since 2008.The range of RTÉ’s content and schedules has suffered and it has lost audience share, according to the strategy which added that this is not sustainable.It pointed out that the Irish TV licence fee of €160 is “significantly below the European average” and has not increased since 2008.RTÉ’s public funding has effectively decreased in recent years and will continue to erode due to inflation. In addition the Irish advertising market has shrunk by over 35 per cent from 2008 to 2011.One option proposed is that the broadcaster keeps spending on programme content over the next five years broadly in line with what is spent this year.Its second option proposes modest increases in public funding which it said “captures the full scope of RTÉ’s ambition”.“As well as enabling RTÉ to significantly improve its service to audiences, these changes will also have the potential to offer real benefits to the broader creative digital economy in Ireland,” it continued.“Without action there will be a decline in both RTÉ’s relevance and commercial viability, not today or tomorrow, but during the lifetime of this strategy.”Read: RTÉ Radio chief: ‘We’ve looked under every stone to try and make savings>Read: BAI: ‘There is a risk that Irish-made TV content could become marginalised’> PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTER RTÉ has proposed an increase in public funding in order to improve its services over the next five years.The proposal was made in the broadcaster’s five year strategy, published yesterday.The strategy said RTÉ has reduced its 2012 cost-base by over €100 million since 2008 and by 2013, its cost base will be 30 per cent lower than five years ago.last_img read more

New gardai dirty water and Roses The week in numbers

first_imgEVERY WEEK, TheJournal.ieoffers a selection of statistics and numerical nuggets to help you digest the week that has just passed.16,000,000 – The total amount in euro spent policing the Corrib gas pipeline protests.199,000,000 – How many extra euro it will take to keep the HSE going until the end of the month.95,000 – The number of seats in the FNB stadium in Johannesburg – almost every one of them filled by people celebrating the life of the late Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.30,000 – The number of undocumented migrants in Ireland – they are arguing for regularisation of their status.20,000 – The number of applications the Public Appointments Service expects to receive for training in Templemore after a moratorium on Garda recruitment was lifted.15,443 – The number of people in Roscommon currently dealing with ‘boil water’ notices.1,041 – The average standardised monthly rent in Dublin – an increase on €978 last year.870 – The number of allegations made against 325 Christian Brothers since January 1975.677 – The number of people arrested for drink driving in November alone.87 – The percentage of households in the country that receive some form of social welfare payment.10 – The number of varieties in a Roses tin of chocolates. This became controversial* this week when it was discovered there have been subsitutions and removals.1 – The number of resignations so far over the salary top-up revelations which came before the Public Account Committee in the Oireachtas this week.*This was not really a news story, but it upset the person in HQ who accidentally ate a Coffee Escape, believing it to be a Caramel Velvet because of the green wrapper.Want more? Check out our previous ‘In numbers’ pieces >last_img read more

The Annual Bumper Secondary School Christmas Test

first_imgIT’S TIME TO wake up those brains and brush away the stuffing crumbs, Quality Street wrappers and Pringles tins.History, Geography, English, Science, Maths and Irish… they’re all here to bring you right back to the world of school uniforms and Christmas tests.Be warned, it’s harder than last year’s.Good luck and you may turn your paper over… NOW!1. Who wrote the novel Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry?Answer2. What was the code name given to Germany’s plan to invade the USSR in World War II?Answer3. Name three natually occurring noble gasesAnswer4. What made Muiris sick at the races in the book Fiche Bliain Ag Fás?Answer5. What is the name of the igneous rock found at the Giant’s Causeway?Answer6. How long is the third side of a right-angled triangle, if the length of the hypotenuse is 13cm, and the length of one other side is 12cm?Answer7. What Shakespeare play does this quote come from?Answer8. Who wrote the pamphlet ‘An Argument on Behalf of the Catholics of Ireland’ in 1791?  Answer9. The SI unit of energy is the…Answer10. What does ‘modh coinníollach’ mean? Source: BlogSpot Answer11. Name the country marked with X on the mapAnswer12. Calculate the mean of the following set of numbers: 25, 28, 31, 35, 43, 48Answer13. How old is Seamus Heaney’s brother in Mid Term Break?Answer14. Who was the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland?Answer15. What are the muscles between the ribs called?Answer16. Translate this sentence:Answer17. The Mardyke bridge is in which Irish city?Answer18. Is this angle acute or obtuse?Answer19. In To Kill A Mockingbird, who is Scout’s father?Answer20. Which Easter Rising leader was commander of the Irish Citizen Army?Answer21. Which of these is the symbol for a variable resistor? Source: ScienceQuiz.netAnswer22. What is the second line (in Irish) of the Irish National Anthem?Answer23. What country’s flag is this? Source: Press Association ImagesAnswer24. What is the volume of this sphere?Answer25. Which poet yearned to “live alone in a bee-loud glade”?Answer26. Name three of the five US presidents who were in office while the Vietnam War was ongoing Source: AP/Press Association ImagesAnswer27. What is the name of this process? Source: Wikimedia Commons Answer28. What is the poem An Spailpín Fánach about?Answer29. What is this layer of the earth’s crust called?Answer30. What’s missing in this quadratic equation solution? Source: DorklyAnswer21 things you’ll remember from secondary school>Squeaky bum time! It’s a secondary school history test>last_img read more

Defiant Morsi asks judge Do you know who I am

first_imgEGYPT’S OUSTED PRESIDENT Mohamed Morsi was defiant as he went on trial today for a prison break during the 2011 uprising, as a police general was killed in the latest attack on security forces.The trial, and other violence in which a police guard was gunned down outside a Cairo church, came a day after the military backed army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led Morsi’s ouster in July, to run for office in his place.AngryMorsi, dressed in a white prison uniform, gesticulated angrily from the glass cage in which he and 21 co-defendants were held.“Who are you,” he demanded to know, adding:Do you know who I am? I am the president of the republic. Who are you? Let me hear your voice; I don’t hear you.In response, a judge said: “I am the president of the Cairo Criminal Court.”Among those in the dock was the supreme guide of Morsi’s now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie.In all, 131 people are on trial, including dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Shiite militant group Hezbollah.Most of them are being tried in absentia.Reading the charges, a prosecutor said the “Muslim Brotherhood defendants coordinated with Hamas and Hezbollah to spread chaos and trigger the downfall of the state.Eight hundred foreign militants and jihadists infiltrated through illegal tunnels and seized a 60-kilometre (37-mile) border stretch. They attacked security and government buildings and killed many police officers.He added that three prisons were attacked and more than 50 policemen and prisoners were killed, while more than 20,000 “criminals” escaped.The trial was adjourned until February 22.KillingMeanwhile, Police General Mohamed Saeed, an aide to interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim, was killed outside his west Cairo home by a gunman who escaped on the back of a motorbike, security officials said.Al-Qaeda inspired group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or Partisans of Jerusalem, said it carried out the killing and threatened similar attacks against the army chief and interior minister.Also today, gunmen opened fire from a car at policemen guarding a church in the capital, killing one and wounding two. One was arrested, while two others fled on foot.Since July, Egypt’s Christian community has faced several attacks, with pro-Morsi Islamists accusing them of backing his ouster.Precarious security situationToday’s shootings underline the precarious security situation across Egypt since the 2011 overthrow of veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak, with the violence having worsened since Morsi’s ouster.At least 1,400 people, mostly Morsi supporters, have been killed in a relentless crackdown on Islamists, according to Amnesty International, while scores of policemen and soldiers have fallen to militant attacks.Since Thursday, at least 13 policemen have been killed across the country, while four soldiers were killed in Sinai, according to an AFP tally.Morsi is already on trial for inciting the killing of opposition activists during his presidency and faces two other trials that have yet to begin.Today’s trial date was symbolic as it marked the third anniversary of the prison break from Wadi Natrun jail, which took place as the uprising against Mubarak approached a fever pitch.Morsi and several Muslim Brotherhood leaders had been arrested by Mubarak’s security forces two days earlier to stop them from participating in protests called for January 28, 2011.Read: Six Pakistani children killed while playing with hand grenade>last_img read more

Taoiseach accused of having a King Canute response to the floods

first_imgTAOISEACH ENDA KENNY has defended the government’s response to the recent flooding, and said that assessments will be carried out into installing new defences.Speaking today during Leaders’ Questions, the Taoiseach put an estimate on the cost of installing 10 kilometres of new flood defences in Cork at between €50 and €100 million, and that €15 million in humanitarian funds is due to be made available, pending final assessment.“This is an issue we’re going to have to come back to an number of occasions”, he said.He added that Minister for Environment Phil Hogan intends to visit a number of the affected areas, as well Junior Minister Brian Hayes.However, opposition leaders criticised the government’s response, and emphasised the need for implementing more flood defences.Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams described the response as ‘King Canute’ gesture, referencing the 11th century Danish king who believed he could command the tide to recede.“Many people are angry”, he said, “that measures that might have been put in place beforehand to offset the worst of impact of the flooding were not taken.”Kenny noted that emergency response committees met in advance of the flooding in Cork, taking measures such as handing out sandbags to households vulnerable to flooding, closing roads, putting evacuation plans in place, and placing emergency and military services on standby.He said the government’s immediate concern is for residents displaced by flooded homes.Fianna Fáil’s Michael Martin describe the response as “not urgent enough”, and predicted that flooding will get worse in future due to climate change.The Taoiseach also criticised previous ‘penny wise, pound foolish, rushes to judgement’ to grant planning permission on flood plains.“I’ll tell you this much, there’ll be no more planning permission for flood plains,” he said.In the Dáil today: Gardaí monitoring potential radicalisation of Irish residents in Syrian conflict >More: Garda Ombudsman to have direct access to PULSE system >Watch: Timelapse captures the rise of last night’s severe flooding >last_img read more

In memory Past drama students of Gladys Sheehan set up their own

first_imgRead: Demand for tickets to ‘blasphemous’ Bible play breaks website> WITH AN ACTING career spanning over four decades Gladys Sheehan ran her very own drama school from a small studio at the back of her house in County Wicklow.A school for all ages, her ethos was always to allow anyone who wanted to act to get up on stage and give it a go and over the years hundreds of children did just that.Encouraging young peopleA strong pillar in the Bray community, Gladys was a bubbly character, who engaged with young people, giving them an outlet and instilling confidence in themselves.Gladys on her way out to the studio at the back of her garden. (Via Geraldine Creed/Vimeo)Starring in over 120 movies herself, she worked with the likes of Sean Connery, Gabriel Byrne and Pierce Brosnan, and Gladys passed the wealth of that experience onto her students.(Via Geraldine Creed/Vimeo)Sadly, last March, Gladys Sheehan, aged 92, passed away. Having not seen each other for many years, many of Glady’s past students came together again to say their final farewell to Gladys at her funeral.“What started as us all going to pay our final respects to Gladys at her funeral has turned into us setting up our own theatre group, in her honour and memory,” said Orla Murphy, one of Glady’s old students.Blooms Day“We initially decided at her funeral that we would all meet up for a catch-up, as it had been so long. Then we decided to meet on Bloom’s Day as it it was one of Gladys’ favourite days – she just loved James Joyce. So, what started out as a quiet catch-up over a few drinks soon became what we called the “Bloomin’ Hooley Variety Night” full of music, dance, drama and poetry, ” said Murphy.All proceeds of the night went towards Bray Cancer Society, another cause close to Glady’s heart.At 87-years-old, she posed as a calender girl to fund raise money for the group, stating that it should have been called “calender grannies” not calender girls.(Via Geraldine Creed/Vimeo)Murphy said they discussed doing the evening as an annual event, in remembrance of Gladys, but said that after the variety night, they realised that many of them had an itch to get back up on the stage.“It had been over 18-years since I stood on a stage, but after that night, we all felt that it would be a great way to honour Glady’s and all her great work,” said Murphy.Just like that, the Bloomers Theatre Group was born.What started out as a few past pupils of Gladys’ drama group has expanded to people that didn’t even know her and at the end of this month the group is putting on its first performance.Using Fundit as a resource to raise money, the drama group quickly surpassed their target.(Bloomers Theatre Group)“We wanted the ethos of our group to be very much the same as Gladys’ was. She allowed anyone be part of the group, whether you had experience or not. And if there was an audition on in Ardmore Studios for a big movie or drama, she would always put people forward. She was very much about giving people opportunities. Just like her, we are open to all, whether you have been involved in drama for years, or have never had any experience being on stage,” said Murphy.“From toddlers to adults – people started in the drama group young and just stayed on, that was because of her. She always stayed in touch, and I miss her. She used to call and ask how my little baby is doing, that was the kind she was,” said Murphy.Murphy added that they hoped the Bloomers Theatre Group can carry on Gladys’s legacy.Their first one-act plays are taking place on 26, 27, 28 February in Loreto Secondary School, Bray. For more information on tickets, visit the Bloomers Theatre Group here.You can watch RTE’s Would You Believe programme on Gladys and her life here.Read: 10 defining characteristics of an Irish audience>last_img read more

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_imgEACH WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you five things you should know before you head out the door.1. #LOWRY: The controversial independent TD Michael Lowry has refused to comment on whether a recording of a conversation with property scout Kevin Phelan, where a previously undisclosed sum of as much as IRL£250,000 was discussed, is genuine or not. In an interview with Tipp FM today, the Tipperary North TD  also lashed out at sections of the media for whom “the ‘topple Lowry’ campaign has become an absolute obsession”.2. #NICOLA FURLONG: As the man accused of murdering Wexford student Nicola Furlong gave evidence in his trial in Tokyo today, the father of the 21-year-old said that listening to the evidence of Richard Hinds had been “very, very hard”. Nicola’s mum and sister are due to give victim impact statements to the court tomorrow.3. #GROOMING: A man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl he met on the social networking site Bebo has been jailed for two years. Graham Doyle, 25, admitted using a false name, photo and saying he was 19 to befriend the girl who he met in 2011. He later had sex with the girl twice at his family home, telling his father he was giving her guitar lessons. Doyle paid his victim €5,000 as an expression of remorse, RTÉ reports.4. #DUBLIN: It is 416 years since an explosion in Dublin city killed 126 people or 1 per cent of the capital’s entire population at the time. Known as the Dublin Gunpowder Disaster it saw some 140 barrels of gunpowder explode in a shipping accident on 11 March 1597. Read more about it here.5. #SNOW JOKE: The snow has been falling across the country today as you the readers have been documenting. It has caused havoc at Dublin Airport but we’ve been asking the important question: Does the prospect of snow excite or fill you with dread?last_img read more

Gardaí issue appeal over missing 15yearold in Wexford

first_imgGARDAÍ IN NEW Ross, Co Wexford are appealing for the public’s assistance in tracing the whereabouts of 15-year-old Lori Ann Plunkett.The teenager was last seen at approximately 2pm on 14 March in the New Ross area. She is described as being 5’ 5” with long brown hair and green eyes and of medium build.When last seen she was wearing blue leggings and a khaki green jacket.Anyone who can assist in locating the 15-year-old is asked to contact New Ross Garda Station on 051- 426030, the Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.Read: Missing teen Kim Nangle found ‘safe and well’>last_img read more

Who will win todays Premier League games and why…

first_imgAll games kick off 3pm Saturday unless stated otherwise.Man City v West Ham (12.45pm Saturday)Betting: Man City 2/7 Draw 9/2 West Ham 9/1With their title hopes extinguished, Manchester City can only hope to sew up second spot in the Premier League as they host West Ham.City can all but ensure they finish runners-up with three points in the early kick-off, as this – their game in hand – can see them go eight points clear of third-placed Arsenal with four matches remaining.Sam Allardyce’s West Ham, though, have provided stiff opposition of late – stringing together five matches unbeaten since a 2-0 loss to Chelsea in March.Their previous three visits to Eastlands have resulted in defeats – although the ground holds good personal memories for striker Carlton Cole, who has scored two of West Ham’s last three goals there.In the reverse fixture in London this season, West Ham held then-champions City to a 0-0 draw.Verdict: Man CityEverton v FulhamBetting: Everton 8/15 Draw 14/5 Fulham 6/1Doubtful: Everton – Phil Jagielka, Darron Gibson, Victor Anichebe; Fulham – Sascha RietherSuspended: Fulham – Steve SidwellEverton will be aiming to keep their European dream alive when they host Fulham.David Moyes’ side have failed to win their past two in the league – hence falling out of contention for the UEFA Champions League, and are five points off Tottenham in fifth.Everton must overhaul Spurs to gain entry into next season’s UEFA Europa League, but with just four games left that appears an unlikely outcome, especially with the London club having a game in hand.However, it is the only meaningful thing either side has to play for at Goodison Park – with Fulham dwelling in 11th position on 40 points.Fulham’s history on Merseyside, and against Everton overall, has been poor. The Cottagers last beat their upcoming opponents in September 2009, but have never beaten them in a top-flight fixture away from home. In the Premier League era, Fulham have failed to take even a point from a trip to Everton in 12 visits.Verdict: EvertonSouthampton v West BromBetting: Southampton 17/20 Draw 5/2 West Brom 10/3Doubtful: West Brom – Billy JonesSuspended: West Brom – Youssef MulumbuSouthampton will be keen to add to their unbeaten streak when they welcome West Bromwich Albion to St Mary’s.The Saints have steered away from relegation danger with 12 points in their past six fixtures – including momentous wins over Liverpool and Chelsea – to remain unbeaten since their 2-1 loss to Queens Park Rangers in early March.They are one point from the magical ’40′ mark that is widely regarded as being the number required to secure safety.West Brom have failed to win in their past four – including drab draws against Stoke and Newcastle, plus losses to West Ham and Arsenal – but still sit three points clear in eighth spot in the table.Verdict: DrawStoke City v Norwich CityBetting: Stoke 6/5 Draw 21/10 Norwich 13/5Doubtful: Stoke – Marc Wilson, Matthew Etherington; Norwich – John RuddyStoke City and Norwich City will both be riding when they go head-to-head in the Premier League.Both sides are fresh from victories in their most recent outings, with Tony Pulis’ men recording a much-needed 2-0 victory against Queens Park Rangers, while Chris Hughton’s side ended a six-match winless run with a 2-1 triumph over Reading.The three points came in handy for both teams and the winner at the Britannia Stadium will be assured of a spot in the Premier League in 2013-14.The loser will still likely be a part of the top flight, but they will still have to endure a nervy finish to the season – with only six points separating Stoke from the bottom three, with Norwich one point better off. Adding an extra element of intrigue is the fact 18th-placed Wigan have a game in hand.Verdict: Draw.Wigan Athletic v Tottenham HotspurBetting: Wigan 13/5 Draw 12/5 Tottenham 21/20Doubtful: Wigan – Ben Watson; Tottenham – William GallasTottenham Hotspur need all three points from their trip to Wigan to sustain their hopes of Champions League qualification.Spurs are in fifth place, two points behind third-placed Arsenal in the last automatic Champions League qualification spot, and one point off Chelsea, who are fourth.Both Tottenham and Chelsea have a game in hand over their London rivals, and Andre Villas-Boas’ side will be keen to take full points from their trip to DW Stadium against a Wigan team who are three points from safety.Spurs enjoyed an outstanding win in their most recent match, a 3-1 victory at White Hart Lane against Manchester City on Sunday, which was a welcome return to form after a three-match run without a win.The victory was highlighted by a fine goal from Gareth Bale, who made his first start after recovering from the ankle injury he suffered on Europa League duty against Basel on April 4.Wigan, meanwhile, have lost their last two matches – 1-0 to Manchester City and 2-0 to West Ham – so Roberto Martinez’s side will be keen to arrest that slide .Verdict: SpursNewcastle v Liverpool (5.30pm Saturday)Betting: Newcastle 9/5 Draw 23/10 Liverpool 6/4Doubtful: Newcastle – Fabio Coloccini; Liverpool – Raheem SterlingSuspended: Liverpool – Luis SuarezNewcastle and Liverpool will both be keen to shake off some poor late-season form when they clash at St James’ Park in this evening’s late kick-off.Alan Pardew’s Newcastle side still have a faint chance of being relegated, sitting six points above 18th-placed Wigan, while Liverpool are at long odds to secure Europa League football next term – in seventh place and 10 points behind Tottenham in the qualifying spot with just four games to play.Newcastle have won just once in their past seven matches in all competitions, and were held to a 1-1 draw by West Brom in their most recent league game.Similarly, Liverpool have looked like a team with one eye firmly on their end-of-season holidays – drawing their past three games and needing an injury-time equaliser from Luis Suarez to secure a point in a 2-2 draw against Chelsea on Sunday.The last time the sides met, a second-half goal from Suarez cancelled out Yohan Cabaye’s opener in a 1-1 draw at Anfield in November. But the Uruguyan will unavailable this evening as begins a 10-game ban for his bite on Branislav Ivanovic.Verdict: DrawTL;DR: the important bits from the Luis Suarez bite judgementlast_img read more

EDSAC 1949s most awesome computer to be rebuilt But can it run

first_imgThe BBC is reporting that EDSAC, the “first recognisably modern computer” is being rebuilt at England’s famous code-breaking estate, Bletchley Park. Sir Maurice Wilkes’ Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator might not be as famous as the US’ ENIAC, but it’s exactly the sort of room-sized computer people think of when they picture that era of computing. The three year, £250,000 rebuild is taking place at The National Museum of Computing at the behest of the Computer Conservation Society.EDIAC’s input was handled through punched tape and used mercury delay lines in place of memory. In other words, this might be a “modern computer” in the minds of technology historians but it’s far removed from what most people consider an early computer. If are really curious, a simulator is available here.As far as technology goes, EDSAC was quite advanced for its time. It contained over 3000 vacuum tubes and took up 12 racks in a room that measured 5 meters by 4 meters. The system could process 650-714 operations per second (depending on your source). It holds the honor of being the first computer whose calculations were used in a scientific paper. And the best fact of all: Its equivalent of an OS took up just 31 words of read-only memory.The article notes another interesting fact–while the computer will be reproduced as accurately as possible, safety regulations will prevent it from containing the 5-foot long tubes in which the system’s mercury was stored.Read more at the BBClast_img read more

Nintendo Launch Titles A History

first_imgEarlier today, Nintendo finally unveiled the launch titles for its eagerly awaited upcoming portable, the 3DS. When it launches on March 27th, 18 titles will be hitting the market. There are a number of familiar titles on the list, including Street  Fighter, The Sims, Madden, and Pilot Wings.In honor of the announcement, we’ve taken a quick look at past Nintendo console launches, from the NES up through the Wii. A few interesting tidbits: The NES, like the 3DS, launched with 18 titles. Both are tied for second place for number of games after the Wii, which launched with 21. The Nintendo 64, meanwhile, had the fewest games, only launching with two, when it was released in 1996.The 3DS is one of the few titles to launch without a Mario game (the other three are the Gameboy Color, Gamecube, and Wii. Balloon FightBaseballClu Clu LandDonkey Kong Jr. MathDuck HuntExcitebikeGolfGyromiteHogan’s AlleyIce ClimberKung FuMach RiderPinballStack-UpSuper Mario Bros.TennisWild GunmanWrecking CrewAugust 1989: Game BoyTetrisAlleywayBaseballSuper Mario LandTennisNovember 1990: Super NintendoSuper Mario WorldF-ZeroPilotwingsAugust 1995: Virtual BoyGalactic PinballMario’s TennisRed AlarmTeleroboxerSeptember 1996: Nintendo 64Pilotwings 64Super Mario 64October 1998: Gameboy ColorTetris DXGame & Watch Gallery 2CentipedePocket BombermanTetris DXJune 2001: Game Boy AdvanceArmy Men AdvanceCastlevania: Circle of the MoonChuChu Rocket!Earthworm JimF-Zero: Maximum VelocityFire Pro WrestlingGT Advance Championship RacingIridion 3DKonami Krazy RacersNamco MuseumPinobee: Wings of AdventurePitfall: The Mayan AdventureRayman AdvanceReady 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2Super Dodge Ball AdvanceSuper Mario AdvanceTony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2September 2001: Nintendo GameCubeAll-Star Baseball 2002Batman VengeanceCrazy TaxiDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2Disney’s Tarzan UntamedLuigi’s MansionMadden NFL 2002NHL Hitz 20-02Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue LeaderSuper Monkey BallTony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3Wave Race: Blue StormNovember 2004: Nintendo DSSuper Mario 64 DSAsphalt Urban GTThe Urbz: Sims in the CityFeel the Magic: XY/XXSpider-Man 2Madden NFL 2005Metroid Prime Hunters November 2006: WiiAvatar: The Last AirbenderCall of Duty 3CarsDragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2Excite TruckThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyGT Pro SeriesHappy FeetThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessMadden NFL 07Marvel: Ultimate AllianceMonster 4×4 World CircuitNeed for Speed: CarbonRampage: Total DestructionRayman Raving RabbidsRed SteelSpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty KrabSuper Monkey Ball: Banana BlitzTony Hawk’s Downhill JamTrauma Center: Second OpinionWii Sports October, 1985: Nintendo Entertainment SystemAdChoices广告last_img read more

SonyPicturescom hacked one million user accounts compromised

first_imgThe pain for Sony continues. Today the company finally managed to get the PlayStation Store back online fully and new content uploaded, but that won’t be the biggest Sony headline of the day.Hacker group LulzSec is claiming to have successfully hacked Once access had been gained they managed to compromise the details of 1 million user accounts including passwords, e-mail addresses, full home addresses, and date of birth.On top of that, Sony Pictures accounts also have a number of opt-in features that contain further information about each user depending on what each signs up for. LulzSec state all of that detail was available to them. They also managed to get the details of all admin accounts for the website.The pain for Sony doesn’t stop there, though. 75,000 music codes and 3.5 million music coupons are thought to have been taken. We believe these are codes that allow you to purchase Sony music tracks at a discounted price, or in some cases even for free.LulzSec have released a sample zip file containing just a small number of records and details they manage to gain access to. We can confirm it does indeed include detailed information on users as well as the coupons and codes.The most damning thing revealed by this hack is the fact that Sony stored all the Sony Pictures account passwords in plain text. No encryption means no work for the hackers, beyond gaining access to the server.This is sure to cause yet more upset for Sony in the press and with users. It also means they have millions of codes to mark as unusable on their system asap.Read more at Pastebinlast_img read more

NASA phone nanosensor can detect diabetes and cancer from your breath

first_imgIt’s amazing when we see stories about science-fiction becoming a reality. Pictured above is a clip-on nanosensor for a mobile phone that has been developed by NASA to detect toxins in the air, alerting you when it senses harmful substances. First developed for use around launch sites to detect fuel leaks, and on the International Space Station to detect possible leaks of harmful gases, the sensor is now being developed as an addition to a mobile phone. Pictures of the sensor suggest it’s for an iPhone, but surely it’s capable of working with most modern handsets. It has many use cases, but one of the most promising is helping to detect diabetes or even cancer in individuals.Because a person’s breath has distinct qualities when both of those diseases are present, the nanosensor can detect the trace amounts being expelled as a person talks. In the case of diabetes, acetone levels in the breath can indicate high or low blood sugar. It’s feasible to think that this device could help to do away with having to test blood sugar levels carried out by collecting blood samples from a patient. As far as cancer is concerned, nitrous oxide of all things is an indicator of lung cancer, or that you have been doing things you shouldn’t. NASA’s device could help to catch the disease early on, something that could save a person’s life.The uses for this sensor are many. Homeland Security is seeking to develop a version that can detect trace amounts of the chemicals used in bomb-making, or from carrying a loaded firearm. Doctors are excited because it may make their jobs easier since there are an array of different diagnoses that can be made using a person’s breath. Perhaps NASA is trying to ready the technology to compete for the Tricorder-X prize we talked about awhile back.Read more at Gizmodo Australialast_img read more

115 million year old dinosaur discovered by a 5 year old girl

first_imgAt 5 years of age a good day is usually one filled with play time. But for Daisy Morris, it was a chance to mark her name down in history by discovering a brand new dinosaur.Daisy actually made the discovery at age 5 back in 2008. She went on a fossil hunting trip with her family on the Isle of Wight and found the fossil on Atherfield beach. She then took what turned out to be a 40mm long fossilezed pelvis to Martin Simpson, a palaeontologists and dinosaur expert in the National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton.After some deliberation and consulting with other experts (Dr. Darren Naish and Dr Gareth Dyke), it turned out to be both a new species and genus of dinosaur. It’s just taken this long to confirm that fact. Apparently we’re also very lucky Daisy found it, as due to its location there was every chance it could have been washed away never to be discovered.As Daisy found it, she also got her name associated with the dinosaur. It will be forever known as the Vertidraco daisymorrisae. The first part, Vertidraco, means “dragon of the Isle of Wight,” while daisymorrisae is the name of the new species. The dinosaur is thought to have been about the same size as a large crow (75cm wingspan, 35cm long) and lived 115 million years ago. It’s a small pterosaur or flying reptile and was around during the Lower Cretaceous period. The experts think it is from the group of short snouted pterodactyloids known as azhdarchoids.It’s not often someone gets the opportunity to discover a new dinosaur, and even more surprising when a 5 year old manages to find one. But it just goes to show, the inquisitive nature of children can lead them to find things most of us would probably miss.last_img read more

The McDonalds of the future is here well in Georgia today

first_imgWhen you think of McDonald’s, the first thing that comes to mind is not usually architecture. Sure, there are those golden arches and some clever usages of ball pits, but that’s about it — until now. A new McDonald’s location in Georgia (the country) could force you to rethink everything you thought you knew about those red-and-yellow splashed, plastic furniture-filled palaces of fries.Architect Giorgi Khmaladze designed a combination gas station and McDonald’s restaurant for a company called Socar. As you can see in the gallery above, it’s quite striking. The building, placed in the seaside town of Batumi, Georgia is not like any Mickey D’s you’ve ever seen — it bears more resemblance to I. M. Pei’s Louvre Pyramid than it does the average “super-size me” joint or gas station.At 1200 sq meters and multiple stories, the freestanding edifice was not a small project. Viewing the cut-away shots you can see that the location isn’t only exceptional from the outside. On the inside there is a creative use of space, semi-private seating, beautiful wood paneling, and what appears to be some sort of grass field in the upper part of the building (where it is the most tapered). The grass area is actually an elevated garden with huge skylights, so people can eat small, rectangular apple pies with a natural backdrop and lot of sunlight.So, no, there are no slides or plastic jungle gyms. Rather, this McDonald’s has glass and metal and wood, just like a place where adults would want to eat. It might seem strange to people familiar with American McDonald’s establishments, but in Europe the company’s locations tend to be much nicer. The food is about the same, but people expect a better dining experience.Batumi is located on the west coast of Georgia (again, the country), right on the Black Sea. About 180,000 people live there and it’s known as a tourism destination thanks to its warm weather and seaside location. Other notable structures there include the Georgian Alphabet Tower. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.31.04 PMScreen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.31.04 PMMcDonald’s – Batumi, GeorgiaMcDonald’s – Batumi, GeorgiaMcDonald’s – Batumi, GeorgiaMcDonald’s – Batumi, GeorgiaMcDonald’s – Batumi, GeorgiaMcDonald’s – Batumi, GeorgiaScreen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.34.10 PMMcDonald’s – Batumi, Georgialast_img read more